Terms and Conditions:

www.tembohouse.it is a website dedicated to renting apartments for short periods.

The website offers the possibility to make ON-LINE reservations.

The conditions below regulate all the term of use the site.

1)  Access to the site and creation of the Account:
Before proceeding with the creation of the account, the user verified that the web platform does not contain viruses. Tembohouse undertakes to provide all the required documentation, however it will not be responsible for error, lack of availability, functionality or the presence of viruses within the website. The website is accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week. However, it’s possible that the web site will be put into maintenance without giving communications to users. Tembohouse may also request personal information from it’s users in order to verify identity and prevent fraud.  


2) Obligations of members:
Each member undertakes not to compromise public order and to comply with the laws and regulations described on the page concerning the term and conditions. Each member is required to:
Act fairly towards Tembohouse and it’s third parties, provide honest and sincere information to Tembohouse. Use the web site in accordance with and for the purposes indicated by term and conditions, do not use the website to commit punitive crimes under the criminal code, or any other law. Do not attempt to divert traffic to another website or competitive service.

3) Obligations of the Tembohouse:
Tembohouse is committed to offering tenants correct and verified information or tools. However, Tembohouse will not be held responsible for any errors, lack of functionality or presence of viruses on the website. The publisher of the site will not be held responsible for any interruption of the service when communicating to it’s users.

4) Booking conditions:
The total price that a landlord to pay always includes the rental price of apartment, in addiction to the cleaning costs and other applicable City tax. The fees charged are all listed and detailed during the booking phase. After the tenant has chosen the property to rent and the extra services, he will complete the booking process by paying with a Credit Card or via PayPal directly on the website. The price are in euros and commissions may vary according to the service offered. All payments made through the website are secure and encrypted via the SSL protocol.

5) Criminal measures:
In caso of violation of the term and conditions, Tembohouse reserves the right to take the following measures:  Suspend the member account and proceed with the deletion. The deleted person’s account will no longer be able to register on the website for any reason.


6) Protection of personal data:
The rights protection of personal data can be requested by sending an email to: tembohouse.av@gmail.com indicating as subject: “PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION POLICY WEBSITE”.

7) Intellectual property:
All trademarks, banners, logos, images, graphics and animation are the exclusive intellectual property of Tembohouse and can not be reproduced, used or represented without prior consent of the same.

8) Other information:
For any other clarification or informetion, you can contact us at the appropriate “Contact Us” section found at the top of the main Menu.